Our Methodology

We work with clients to get to the heart of their sustainability objectives. We run workshops and stakeholder consultations to appreciate background, rationale and desired outcomes, which we then build into messaging.

We help brands to build responsible and ethical business practice into their DNA so that it becomes the core of the product, service, project or organisation. Making conscientiousness a ‘business as usual’ approach ensures that it is reflected in the actions of employees and in external and internal communication.

We support organisations in effectively communicating messages to stakeholders and demonstrating the value of projects to the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). We work on Blue Economy principles and much of our work is focused around communicating Blue Economy projects. Hence our name, Communicate Blue.

What Makes Us Special?

We care about people and the planet and in helping both to thrive and prosper.

We understand that a business is its people.  In fact, it is a group of people who have joined together with a vision of delivering something wonderful to the communities they operate in.  We are as passionate about your dreams and your business as you are.

We believe in creating ecosystems* where people with complementary ideas can join together to achieve the most impactful results and make a positive contribution to the planet at the same time.

We only have one planet and we understand the urgent need to take care of it. Every action we take as human beings has a reaction elsewhere in nature and we need to be mindful of the ripple effects we create.

*An ecosystem is a thriving hub of activity where each member helps its neighbours to fulfil their destiny and no parts are redundant.

Our Values

Our internal values are to maintain a happy, buzzy environment for our worker bees, a space full of creativity, passion and wisdom where ideas are cultivated and people thrive. It is essential that our bees wake up buzzing with excitement at the thought of flying to work. We love and nurture our bees and operate a process of continual improvement, always encouraging and developing new skills and interests.

We believe that collaboration builds innovation and we love to share knowledge and ideas internally and with clients.

We ‘fly the buzz’ and only work with sustainable suppliers and clients who share our values.  We also work to create a net positive impact and give back where we can.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the sustainability of the planet and preserve it so that future generations may enjoy and respect it for centuries to come.

CEOs Vision

Communicate Blue was launched under the ‘be sustainable’ group, in July 2013, by Sarah-Jane Sherwood, following an 11-year career in PR, marketing and communications for food and beverage, health, tourism, FMCG, professional services, NGO and government-funded initiatives.

The company was formed to respond to a gap in the market. Sarah-Jane’s vision was for a communications agency that not only understood deep-rooted sustainability issues, economic challenges and business objectives but could also strategise with clients and help to develop a circular economy approach to business.

As a former business development director, Sarah-Jane also recognised the necessity of aligning marketing activities with business objectives and the importance of communicating the process with key stakeholders. Sarah-Jane wanted to add more value than straightforward communications support, such as identifying new markets and growth areas and uncovering existing inefficiencies.

She looked for an aligned partner to realise this vision and joined forces with top 100 global sustainability consultant Dr Martin Blake.

Blue Australasia

Dr Blake was forming a network of experts in the Blue Economy arena, under the name Blue Australasia. Together this group works to help businesses and organisations instill Circular Economy principles, become zero waste (in both product and resources) and create new revenue streams from areas previously deemed waste. Blue Australasia’s vision is to create transformational change and build a more successful, profitable and sustainable future for all.


Our Services

Communicate Blue’s services include sustainability advice and consulting, marketing and communications strategy, media relations, copywriting writing, marketing content for digital and traditional media, stakeholder engagement and reporting services for all types of sustainability-focused companies and projects. The company also works closely with a talented team of creatives to provide integrated branding and design services.

Strategic advice through consultation from global sustainability leaders to support your marketing and communications activities.
Holistically building responsible and ethical business into the brand DNA, making it the heart of the product, service, project or organisation.
Highly engaging and effective content from experienced writers, qualified and knowledgeable in the area of sustainability.
Managing the reputation of your organisation after an incident, with highly confidential advice, strategy and implementation.
Demonstrating the bottom line value of sustainability activities and providing directional strategies that result in world-class annual reports.
Creating messaging that attracts investors to your business. Tailored engagement solutions for success, including events, marketing content and design.
Working to integrate marketing activities into business objectives, we provide strategy and implementation of plans that achieve the highest business success.
Reaching your target audience with messaging that inspires loyalty, appreciation and favourable lasting memories and differentiating your business from its competitors.
Specialist, niche market experts with the contacts and ability to achieve positive, memorable coverage and build long-lasting relationships for your business.
Creative management systems to make this essential yet challenging activity easy and effective for your business to adopt.
Employee and other stakeholder engagement programmes that build trust and understanding of your business strategy.
Going beyond best practice by working with key stakeholders to build transformational strategies that fulfil your business objectives. 
From thought leadership events to launches, we create bespoke events that attract desired audiences and widespread media coverage.