Transform Capital Management (TCM) is a blueprint for a global impact investment bank, with a goal of investing into funds that have a social and environmental, as well as financial, return. Returns will then be reinvested into social businesses and enterprise.

The brief

TCM was looking to:

  • Build and develop content for a website
  • Develop an online presence
  • Develop messaging and communications material for different stakeholders
  • Raise funding

The work

We worked with TCM to:

  • Develop communications material for the website
  • Build and develop a social media presence
  • Produce regular content ideas social media channels
  • Run workshops to extract messaging for different stakeholders and produced appropriate communications material
  • Organise stakeholder events

The results

TCM now has a variety of stakeholder material, a user friendly website with easily digestible information, a regular blog and Twitter handle, all of which have supported the CEO in raising the funding required for the first round of capitalisation.