Project Description

The 13th National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development (NBLF) was taking place in Canberra on 27th June 2013. The convenor of the Forum was Molly Harriss Olson, Former Head of Sustainability in Clinton’s Whitehouse.

The brief

NBLF was looking to:

  • Gain media exposure leading up to and during the event
  • Encourage media presence at the event

The work

We worked with NBLF to:

  • Produce and distribute articles and press releases leading up the event
  • Analyse the speaker list, secure speaker profiles and pitch potential interview topics to journalists
  • Co-ordinate interviews
  • Invite media to the event

The results

The NBLF took place the day after a leadership spill, as Australia’s new prime minister was being sworn in and media attention was focussed elsewhere. Despite this, the Forum received 10 pieces of positive coverage from a number of leading media outlets. Additionally, the leading news agency, Thomsons Reuters, attended and covered the event.

Links to Press coverage for NBLF

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