Project Description

Hargraves Institute is a leading Australian innovation network of 60 member companies, each from different sectors including healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance, insurance and construction. All with the same aligned goals of enhancing innovation within their organisations.

The brief

Hargraves was looking to:

  • Build a national presence
  • Raise awareness for its IRP (Innovator Recognition Program, run in conjunction with IBSA)
  • Develop messaging and communications material
  • Build a social media presence
  • Raise awareness of the annual Hargraves conference

The work

We worked with Hargraves to:

  • Build and develop a social media presence
  • Develop communications material for the website, promotional material, invitations, social media and press releases
  • Produce regular content for blog posts and other social media channels
  • Find spokespeople within the Hargraves network and work with them to produce content for the blog
  • Source opportunities for opinion pieces
  • Produce a social media and marketing content plan

The results

We worked with the Hargraves team to demonstrate the value of marketing through social media. We supported the team in enabling them to source and publish content across their online channels.

In six months, Hargraves progressed from not having a social media presence to gaining between 400 and 600 interactions with each piece published on the blog. In addition, we sourced commentary opportunities in influential media such as:

The Australian 
Leading Company
Fifth Estate

2UE Ross Greenwood Show

*Work carried out by Sarah-Jane Sherwood while at Stellar Concepts